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Creative Networking: Amneet’s Story

Amneet Johal is the Information Officer at CreativeCapital, as well as continuing her own art practice. She writes here about the initial fear of networking, what she thinks networking is, and offers advice based on her experiences.

The word itself used to fill me with dread… I’d be the girl in the corner sweating profusely, shuffling her feet nervously, and turning her head sharply if anyone made eye contact… And on the rare occasions I managed to muster up enough courage to strike up a conversation, I always ended up feeling like a fraud – unsure whether or not to describe myself as an artist or as someone who works in a shop, unable to talk about my practice, and uncomfortable by my lack of experience. I let this hinder me for three years… I let me hinder me for three years – emphasis on the me.

Networking for all intent and purposes is conversation, and some conversations lead somewhere and some don’t. The best conversations are the ones where you’re honest, not concerned about what you should be saying, and are you – those are the ones that evolve organically and lead you to like-mind people. And those people are the ones you want to be net/working with.

So my advice to conquering the fear of networking: get over yourself and relax.

CreativeCapital directly supports London’s artists, designers and producers through its professional development, networking and advisory services.

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