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Careers Talk: The marketing tricks that will get you a job

What can job seekers learn from the world of marketing? We discuss how a knowledge of branding, strategy and target markets can revolutionise your job hunt

Guests this week: Guardian Jobs marketing guru and career management author, Sophie Relf tells us why Googling yourself isn’t just self-indulgent ego-fodder but essential for understanding your brand as an employee and how joining online conversations can get you in front of a future employer without even sending a CV.

Resident graduate: We’re also joined by Kyle Clark, a business management grad from Newcastle University, who has taken a novel approach to job seeking — he is just sitting back and encouraging prospective employers to bid for his services via his website Employ Kyle. He reveals which companies have shown an interest so far and where the idea came from.

News review: Now that hiring criteria for candidates is tougher than ever, we highlight why job seekers, especially those in the financial services sector, need to watch their credit history, as well as their career history. We wonder, with so many out-of-work graduates out there, why so many regional vacancies remain unfulfilled, plus, has a PR professional with a knowledge of YouTube Video Annotations and good understanding social media created the best job application ever?

Dear Julian: Julian Linley, creative director at Bauer, explains how to tackle the impossible, forbidden and endlessly awkward subject of salary.

Jobs top 10: With all this talk about marketing, naturally we went for a marketing theme. Highlights from this week’s chart include; head of digital and social media at Sky and a marketing executive for Hachette UK.

For more information, to apply or to find something completely different go tojobs.guardian.co.uk.


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