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What can X factor teach you about finding a job?

Ok, so you might think that these two topics are entirely unrelated but if you look a little bit closer you can learn quite a lot of job hunting techniques from watching the X Factor- as if you really needed another reason to tune in!


Firstly let’s talk about marketing. When you are looking for a job it is really important that you market yourself and your skills effectively. This means matching your skills and experience to those that the employer requires. You need to look closely at your target audience and make sure that everything on your CV, your application and your covering letter is tailored and specific to them.

large_5156271706Now let’s think about this in terms of X Factor. JEdward  are a prime example of marketing going into overdrive, they have created their own personal brand and are achieving success in a singing competition despite having somewhat questionable abilities in that area. This concept is really important when you are looking for a job- you might be the best candidate but it’s up to you to show that to your potential employers. You don’t want to be knocked out of the competition by someone less qualified than you just because you didn’t portray yourself as well as you could have.  Make sure that you are making the most of your skills and that you are selling your own personal brand effectively.

So what other bits of job hunting wisdom can we gain from watching Simon Cowell on TV every week? Well, think about after each act has performed- they all get feedback from the Judges so that if they get through to the next round they can improve their performance.  Bear this in mind when you are looking for a job- feedback might not always be easy to hear but it can help you to improve yourself and do better next time. You can ask for feedback at lots of different stages of your job search. Have a Careers Consultant give you feedback right from the start by giving you advice on your CV, application or covering letter. If you get through to the interview stage but are unsuccessful make sure you ask what you could improve upon so as you never make the same mistake twice.

Finally remember that looking for a job is really competitive, you might not be up against quite the same amount of people that go for the X Factor auditions each year but the job market is tough and employers are looking for that extra something that makes you stand out from the other applicants. What skills or experience do you have that will make you stand out from the crowd? On the positive side you don’t have to win over thousands of people at home, just those people that are interviewing you.  So have a think and decide what it is that gives you the X Factor when it comes to getting a job.

Helen Stoy

Careers Professional


photo credit: The Queen’s Hall via photopin cc

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